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the articulation of an idea.....

.....after seeing some machinery parts at Scienceworks (the museum of technology in Melbourne) I sketch out an idea. (It looks a little phallic, but that was not its intention!). I then photograph the machine part.... (circa 1994)

this machine part is part of a sewer pump at Spotswood which was used to pump Melbourne's effluent. It was built c. 1900. (photograph circa 1994)


the initial very rough drawing is then articulated properly, with reference to the photograph. (circa 1994)

I never resolved my background for the drawing however. My solution for  these "machines" perched upon a "canyon-scape" like that of the Grand Canyon is unsatisfactory.

After the purchase of Bryce 3D in March 2000 I decide to build a model so I can create an appropriate background for the drawing (August 2000). The model is built in separate files.

When I put all the parts of the 3D model together I end up with the above image titled scienceworks. The female figures have been replaced by skeletons. It will however form the basis of the background for the future painting (to be painted in 2001).


...another image though was suggested for a 3D picture! This one is titled orbcatchers.

this painting of 1998, reaper iii, (well before I had a compuer!) is one of the paintings based on the general theme. It is based on another drawing from c. 1994 - 1995.

reaperdactyl is a photoshop-created image. It was created in March of 1999, a few weeks after the installation of Photoshop.

thus this illustrates "the act of creation", the way that the mind's creative processes work with different ideas leading to one another....

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