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Αφροδίτη betrayed. digital. 2018. © demetrios vakras

A short essay explaining the vulva that appears at my Αφροδίτη's knee as well as in the sea-shells can be found in Post-Humanist Transhumanist available on Amazon as a kindle or print edition. What Αφροδίτη stands for is being betrayed for the sake of not causing offence.

The association of Αφροδίτη with sea-shells (which represent the vulva) is a well known one, though the reason for why this association is made is not generally understood.

Below, a decade-old screenshot from the wikipedia, "in classical antiquity, the sea shell was a metaphor for a woman's vulva"

The reasons for the association of the vulva with seashell are relatively straightforward, as I explained in my yet-to-be-published 2009 Αθήνα essay (refer image from p.25 below)

My rendition of a vulva within a seashell, below.
lavia in a seashell

© demetrios vakras