site design


 This site was built using a number of programmes. Imageready 1 was used for the directory page - it sliced up the image into its constituent parts. Although Dreamweaver 3 was initially used to create the html script for the rollovers it did not seem to work properly. The rollover scripts were generated by Fireworks 1 and pasted into the html script. The hotspots on the gallery pages (the painting, 2d digital, 3d digital galleries) were created with Imageready.

Essentially, athough I used Dreamweaver in some instances, this site could have been built with only Netscape Composer (free with Netscape Communicator) & Imageready - (which has been included with Photoshop since version 5.5) - with Fireworks generating the html for the rollovers.

you can download Netscape free by clicking into the icon:
Netscape has, since early 2008, ceased. It has been replaced by SeaMonkey

There is one catch with the Netscape/SeaMonkey Composer. Before using it you should go to Edit>Preferences>Composer. The box with "Save images and other associated files when saving pages" is checked. UNCHECK it - otherwise when you insert images into your page the code will be reformatted and new images will be created outside your own image-source folder. This means that if you edit an existing page, though you will be able to preview it on your own computer, the page will not work for anyone else viewing it from your remote host (unless you decide to upload all of the duplicate images)
The versions of Netscape with the Composer are versions 7.0.2 (for Mac OS 9.2 or earlier) and Netscape 7.2 complete suite for Windows and Mac OSX. SeaMonkey now replaces Netscape 7.2, but has replaced the Netscape 7 icons with Netscape 4 icons.

The animations were built up as frames in Photoshop 5 & put together as animated gifs in Fireworks.

The graphics on this site were in the main created in Photoshop 5, although Bryce 3d, Poser 3d, Pixels 3d have been used in some instances.

The computer used is an Apple Power Macintosh G3.

The photography used for the photoshop images is my own. The camera used is a Pentax Super-A (film camera).