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surreal painting, oil & accrylic. birthing of individual into mechanical/organic world
involuntary neo-anthrope. oil & acrylic. 1990-91. demetrios vakras

-The painting above is an attempt to show the internal anatomy externally. The anatomical and mechanical are fused because the mechanical is an extension of us and does not exist independantly of us. "Neo anthrope" is Greek for new human. It was my 3rd attempt in expressing this idea, and it is one that I have never been entirely satisfied with. The anatomical side of the rib cage (the right side of the painting) was supposed to de-compose to a cellular level, much like Tchelitchev's Hide and Seek (reproduced here).

above: the anatomical section of the first painted version of involuntary neo-anthrope of 1987. The central motif was intended to be shown to coalesce from an anatomical space on one side and a mechanical space on the other.

A previous generation assumed that the inspiration had come from (the artist) Francis Bacon (below). A later generation assumes it is derived from Giger.

above: Francis Bacon, Figure with Meat (image from the Wikipedia).

Neither artist served as the model. It was the carcases hanging in the meat-room of the supermarket at which I worked part time that served as the model. Below, one of my photographs from c. 1985, and another from c. 1987 (both were used in my painting)

An explanation for this painting can be found here.