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peripheral solitude, oil. 1994. demetrios vakras

I originally drew the central figure that appears in the painting above. I then needed to situate the figure in a background. The background I chose is derived from the works of Mabuse.

Left, Mabuse, Jan Gossaert (1478-1532, Flemish), Hercules and Deianira, 1517.
Illus 55, Edward Lucie–Smith, Eroticism in Western Art, ISBN 0500201218.

Though the placement of figures within such a niche was a feature common in Italy in both the painting and architecture that preceded Mabuse, he introduced elements that had not appeared in Italian representations such as the ring of ram (or bull?) skulls (though the placement of skulls in such a way had appeared in Roman period frescoes). The incorporation of skulls with architectural elements became a feature of my own works which followed this one [such as life support].