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vagina dieu droit na gig - sacred heart with teddy. digital. 2019. © demetrios vakras

Birthed by the χάσμα, in the absence of reason, a mindless lion fuck-guard with a vulva-face, errect penis, and wearing a crown to demonstrate its multi-faith credentials (Judaic, Christian, Mohammedan) confronts a mindless "unicorn" fuck-guard, with a phallus for a head, a phallus "horn" and errect penis. They flank a multi-faith "sacred heart" bearing the symbols of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Nazism (the swastika).

Hitler, in Mein Kampf, admitted that his intolerance of other faiths derived from the Old Testament; sought (per his speeches) to base German society on a "Christian morality" on which Germany was founded (see below); and sought to fulfill the Islamic objective of committing the genocide of the Jews (under the influence of the Nazi Palestinian al Husseini) per the end-of-times hadith which call for trees and stones to call out to devout Muslims to betray Jews hiding behind them. Piles of skulls recede in the background, symbolic of the "triumph of faith" in the execution of "law"by judges who are anything but honourable.

This image is an attack on the Australian judiciary ... which concocts no end of spurious rationalisations to supress criticism of religion, particularly the criticism of religions' central hatreds and intolerance. The obligation of the judiciary to religion is reinforced yearly with "red mass" and legal year opening church services in which the priesthood demand the judiciary enforce "The Law", that is Biblical edicts ... edicts that Hitler himself followed literally.

The judiciary is especially sensitive to criticism of Islam. This is a religion that brought itself into disrepute from the outset, over 13 centuries ago. Australian judges however prefer to claim that, despite 13 centuries of perpetual terrorism, that Islam's bad repute is unknown – simply because of their own fervent personal ignorance, or their wish that it was otherwise. And on the basis of their ignorance, judges suppress any information that demonstrates Islam's established disrepute ... because the self-declared obligation of the judiciary is to a fiction, god (whether they call him Jesus YHWH or Allah), by whose right they administer "justice": dieu et mon droit.

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Germany's Christian foundation, from 2010 ( new_work.html)

"From England, Boniface traveled to Germany, to expunge the Germans of their syncretist version of Christianity. His most notable achievement was the tearing down of the Sacred Oak of Donnar ... The most notable consequence was that Germany, via the efforts of Boniface, was introduced to absolute intolerance. The Oak of Donnar was destroyed ... because the Old Testament demands that the altars to other gods be demolished .... The Old Testament also forbade astrology, & "sorcery". In the New Testament, the Jews were deemed to have been responsible for the "murder" of the Christian's prophet. Germans went from destroying the pagan places of worship, to expunging heretics & "infidel", (those who denied Jesus, for example, Jews), and "witches" (hexen). Boniface's greatest achievement lies, then, in the eventual Holocaust undertaken by Hitler in the 20th Century AD. Boniface, an intolerant abomination, is remembered as the "patron apostle" of the Germans."