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visceral symbiosis. oil. 1993. demetrios vakras

This image represents the living as the reconstitution of that which was once living; composed of the debris of what once was. Here new life is nourished within the carcass of death.
Mitsuyoshi Haruguchi's Transmigration of Souls, left, reproduced in the book 20th Century Masters of Erotic Art, by Bradley Smith (ISBN 0517542366), inspired me to integrate non-human skeletal components into my human forms (previous to this I only used human skeletal components). Haruguchi in this work superimposes the skeleton over the reclining figure. I integrate the various parts, which are then, in later works, integrated with machinery. His artistic raison d'etre is somewhat different to mine. Haruguchi's reclining female forms suggest the erotic. In my works I reduce the human to an anatomical construction which incubates new life whilst in the process of decay. My works are far from erotic.

Haruguchi now has a website (which I found in 2009). The version of this painting on his site is titled "reincarnation - a bird".

A link to his website can be found on my links page.