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Donald Trump bearing witness to Turkish death sky. digital. 2019. © demetrios vakras

Trump, represented here by the mushrooms (his penis-shape as described by Stormy Daniels), bears witness to a "Turkish death-sky", which like that country's flag, is red with a white crescent-moon and star. Turkey, which committed several mass genocides (of Armenians, Greeks and Syriacs) in the 20th century and whose actions were the inspiration for, and precursor to, Hitler's genocide, was permitted by Trump to persecute the Kurds of Syria. Though the Kurds, by their actions in the war against ISIS, saved the lives of American soldiers, Trump insisted they were owed nothing by the USA, as "they did not help us in Normandy".

... And the Turks did?


The modern moron (Trump) is impressed by the modern Mussolini, Erdogan. Two countries obvioulsy in mutual admiration of one-another and their genocidal histories.