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I had the privilege of having my website reviewed by the "webdoctor" from magazine. Now this reviewer knows what they're on about! (or am I just biased?)

the webdoctor review, page 94, INTERNET.AU magazine, issue 81/July 2002

"...this is without doubt the Best. Web doctor. Ever....the surreal and Fantastic Art of Demetrios Vakras Web site is one of those sites you want to frame and take home with you. This is an exceptional online exhibition of paintings, drawings and surrealistic digital images...It captured my imagination from the get-go and lured me in quickly and seductively. ...The content is unmistakably magnificent, the technical construction of the site is also worthy of an award. ...the design and architecture are all excellent. ...Full of near-disturbing artistic content - very surrealistic in style and form - it's also a delight for the senses and captures the visitor's attention quickly and with a sharp intake of breath. I'm not ashamed to admit it I could give ten stars out of five, I would."


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