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Humanist Transhumanist, new edition published in 2019. Now available from Amazon

e-pub (kindle) on Amazon

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BELOW, the 2009 print edition of the illustrated catalogue Humanist Transhumanist. No longer available.

Title - Humanist Transhumanist
Subtitle: Raymond & Vakras - Symbolism Surrealism Fantastic Art
ISBN: [978-0-646-52188-6]
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 06/2009

Number Of Pages: 32
Height By Width: 295 x 210
Illustrations Included: Colour
Contributor: Demetrios Vakras
Contributor Role: Author
Contributor: Lee-Anne RaymondContributor Role: Author
Subject: Art, History, Philosophy and Ethics

2009 print edition no longer available

information about the original CATALOGUE with preview (All the artwork reproduced in the 2009 print edition is available in the new 2019 dgital edition)