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Vakras "fantasy" art

an illustrated catalogue featuring the art of Vakras as well as that of artist
Lee-Anne Raymond is now available! Click onto link below:

established surrealists / artists of fantastic realism
Links below are to online references and to books (my recommendations available on Amazon - except for Dalí & Giger, on whom very many books exist).

René Magritte
Magritte book

Salvador Dalí

Yves Tanguy
Tanguy book

Max Ernst
Ernst book

Remidios Varo
Varo book 1
Varo book 2

Ernst Fuchs
Fuchs book

Vali Myers
Myers book

H. R. Giger

The Symbolists were the precursors to the surrealists:
must have] Symbolists & Symbolism by Robert L. Delevoy
Concise enyclopaedia of Symbolism Jean Cassou
A Dictionary of Surrealism José Pierre
Surrealists & Surrealism Gaëtan Picon
Phaidon encyclopedia of surrealism René Passeron
SURREALISM Uwe M. Schneede
Surrealist Art Sarane Alexandrian (old) OR:
Surrealist Art Sarane Alexandrian (new edition):

Anglophone books on Surrealism in general place the movement between the 2 world wars. Anglophone historians seem to have concluded that there is no historical continuum or context that either precedes or postdates Surrealism. For them history floats in some void that only they have the privilege of seeing. French authors do not suffer the Anglophonic myopia. Thankfully, French authors' writings on Surrealism exist in translation. René Passeron, in his book, devotes time to the historical context of surrealism's precursors which includes artists such as Bosch, and the Symbolists. So too does Sarane Alexandrian include Surrealism's precursors, but goes further to write on surrealist artists until the death of Breton in 1966. The most interesting element in Alexandrian's book (at least in the out–of–print edition I own) is the final chapter on "Occultation" in which Alexandrian writes on Breton's L'Art Magique written in 1957 (which appears not to have been translated into English). In this tome Breton left the door ajar for surrealism to include among its numbers religious kooks who imagine that they are "visionary" or "shamans".
Schneede, a German author, includes an interesting historical context, which shows how Dada evolved out of the Italian Furturists whose antics the French Dadaists emmulated. Surrealsist theorists, both French and English, have ignored the Futurists. Both English and French theorists claim that Dada arose as a rejection of the cutlure that led to the 1st world war. The Futurists however were already producing counter–cultural "art" well before the war, so the claimed historical context understood by Frankophone and Anglophone alike is an invention.

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